Your Empty Nest

This is an exciting time of year. Kids are packing up their things and heading off to colleges near and far. As parents, we are excited for them as we wave goodbye and drive back to a noticeably emptier house, but a little bit sad for ourselves. Until we realize that their rooms are going to stay clean for at least the next few months!
For some, this is the perfect time to consider downsizing. As fervidly as we all hope that our children will never leave our nest, the transition to university usually represents the last time that our kids will live full time under our roof. But do not despair – at Beth Ferester & Company, we can help ease the pain of empty nest syndrome by assisting you in finding the perfect new nest to settle into.
For some, a patio home is the perfect choice for the post-children years. Patio homes are designed to focus on the adults of the house with a real emphasis on the master suite and the living area. Essentially, with a patio home, you find an increase in quality and a corresponding decrease in overall size. And if you really want to embrace the quiet that comes with the absence of children, an over 55 patio home community may be perfect.
Another option worth considering is a townhome. Once kids leave the nest, the ongoing maintenance of a big yard can grow wearying. Townhomes typically have smaller yards and some associations even include yard maintenance in their fees.
And if you really want to shock the kids, why not consider a move into a high-rise apartment? In The Woodlands, there are some great ones to choose from, all with easy, walking access to the best restaurants and shopping in the area. After a bit of retail and culinary therapy, you may forget you ever had kids in the first place.
But all kidding aside, if the departure of your children has you thinking that it’s time to look for a new nest, give Beth Ferester & Company a call because we would love to help you.
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