Where To For The Holidays?

It seems to me that more and more people are choosing Disneyworld as a Christmas destination. In fact, my daughter is taking her family for the third time this year. My husband and I joined them when they went a few years ago and I can honestly say that it was as cold as I’ve ever been on vacation and we had to run to keep up with the agenda prepared by my sweet son-in-law. Bob and I kept up the pace until about the third day when we dropped out to “see other things”, which was code for going back to the warm hotel room for a nap.

With so many spending Christmas away, I decided to investigate other popular destinations for Christmas, in case I decide to spend Christmas away again one day. One sounded particularly great, and I wanted to share it.

Leavenworth, in Washington, was voted by some online groups to be the best Christmas destination out there. Leavenworth is a completely German town with lots to offer all year, but something magical happens at Christmas. Fluffy, white snow and more than half a million holiday lights cover the Bavarian-style buildings and streets. It feels like you are at the North Pole or on the set of a Christmas movie.

The Christmas Lighting Festival launches the Leavenworth holiday season, which also marks the start of the traditional German Christmas Market. The market features Bavarian-style goods and great German food, art and crafts. You can also enjoy the Village Voices Christmas Concert, performed by Leavenworth’s very own.

Leavenworth’s Nutcracker Museum is an amazing display of over six thousand incredible nutcrackers, some dating back nearly five hundred years. After your tour, you may want to go on a sleigh ride, tubing on Leavenworth Ski Hill, or go skiing at some of the best ski slopes nearby.

Dog sledding is another option, which takes you winding through a winter wonderland behind a pack of dogs as you take in the glorious mountain views. Last, but not least, is the Gingerbread Factory where you will find some of the most delicious cookies and see beautifully decorated gingerbread houses.

But for us this year, we are thankful to stay home and have our kids and grandkids visit us! We feel so blessed for all of our family, our friends, our clients and customers, our agents and staff at both the real estate office and the Coffeehouse. We are wishing all of you a wonderful holiday and a Happy New year.

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