What Do You Fear the Most About the Corona Virus?

As a wife, mother, grandmother, realtor, and now a food service owner, I am concerned on every front. So what are my concerns on all these fronts? Let me lay them out in hopes of getting your feedback and ideas.

As for my husband and I, we are in the more compromised groups. We are taking great care at home and out. However, with our two companies, we are trying to keep staff working and being there for the public in both venues of our businesses.

Real estate is still active, with buyers looking, and sellers listing homes. We are screening those looking as to their intentions of needing a home or just thinking about it. Our sellers are on every side of the fence, some determined to get their homes on the market and want them shown, and those who are not allowing showings during this time or having us screen each and every scheduled showing and even withdrawing listings from MLS for the time being. We also have sellers supplying rubber gloves and foot covers for anyone showing their home.

For our Lovebeans coffeehouse, we are staying open and just happy to get enough business to keep our young staff employed. We are taking every precaution, cleaning using disinfectants, constantly, and even offering customers rubber gloves to use while signing the point of sale machine. Our staff has been fabulous by “hanging in here” to provide our loyal customers the best coffee and foods to take out or have us deliver curbside. We are so grateful to our customers who continue to support us.

In real estate, we have closings that could be changed plus directives and information coming from state and local boards that we are following. Our agents are staying home as much as possible but are constantly available for their clients to counsel, arrange showings, screen potential buyers and reach out to as many folks as possible to do what they can.

As for my family, I have a son in California who is more worried about social unrest and government control. I have a daughter in Tennessee who is an area manager of a large pharmaceutical company that is producing tests for more testing across the country. Her company is also one that has drugs on the market for other diseases that have been shown helpful in treating many cases of the virus.

My daughter and her family in Austin are hunkering down and at this point social distancing from each other as they are out of ideas of family games and together-time ways of entertainment. They “attended church” this morning on-line where their dog, their 15 and 17-year-olds slept through part of the sermon. Hopefully, they got it subliminally.

My daughter and her family in Scotland are settled in their house, which includes an art studio for my granddaughter and a recording studio for my grandsons, who are musicians. They all got together and made a video, spoofing our love of country music, trying to relieve their stress and give us some comedic relief. They have written and produced a little “ditty” that is hysterical and something I play every few hours to make me laugh.

For my husband and I, we are keeping a positive attitude and promoting self-distancing when we can. We still go for walks, go to both the office and the coffeehouse to be sure all systems are in place to provide service while taking caution to protect against the virus. We go to the grocery, but are not hoarding products and urge others to do the same. We do not go out unnecessarily but are ordering to go a couple of days a week to support our local restaurants, and businesses and especially do what we can for our first responders and our medical personnel. We have also written a generous check to our Montgomery County Food Bank from both our companies to help feed those who will not be able to buy enough food for their families.

We have so much faith in the American system that we will come out of this more united and more practical than ever before. Families will grow even closer, humans will be kinder, and businesses will continue to be creative, changing their focus from the production of non-essential products to masks, tests, and other medical supplies like respirators. We think this will happen, but only with the support of all of us. This is why I am urging you, not to panic, not to hoard, support local businesses, and give to local charities as you can. Most of all, stay calm and care about others and love and cherish your family and friends. Let’s all come together to make our great nation come out better than before.

If there is anything we can do for you through Beth Ferester & Company or Lovebeans Coffeehouse, please let us know. We are here for you!

Beth Ferester

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