Tips to De-Clutter Your Home

It has been a very gloomy winter for Texas these past couple of months. If you don’t already have cabin fever, you’re likely feeling it coming on. Being stuck inside is a great excuse for some organization. If you’re falling behind on your New Year’s resolutions, think of this as a freebie. Don’t wait around for “spring cleaning”…let’s get organized!

One place at a time.

First, pick a room or area that needs the most attention, or gives you the biggest headache, and devise a plan. Don’t try to take on the whole house at once. That gets chaotic and overwhelming very quickly, and can often just create more of a mess. This first task could be as simple as the junk drawer in the kitchen that isn’t shutting as easily, or a small space like your laundry room.

Make some rules.

Decide on a few pre-set rules about what you’ll keep and what you’ll get rid of. Star with 3 piles: keep, toss, and donate. If you are organizing your closet, a good rule to have is to donate or toss anything you haven’t worn in the past year. If it is torn or stained, toss it! Over the years you might have collected several sentimental items, and they now dominate your spare closet or even bedroom. Give yourself permission to get rid of those items. If you’re struggling to dismiss sentimental value, try taking a picture of the item and print it out for the sake of the memory. Holding on to your grandmother’s beautiful, huge lamp that once set on her living room side table, (but now rests in a random closet) is only taking up space.

Invest in drawer or cabinet organizers.

A messy drawer is not conducive to productivity. Drawer organizers keep things in their place and makes them look tidy and neat. The Container Store is a great place to to start for inspiration on how to organize almost any space in your home. By adding sliding drawers and/or tiered stacking shelves, you keep your most frequently used items up front, visible, and accessible. To really utilize every inch of drawer space, use expandable and modular organizers. These will help you organize your items by shape, function and/or frequency. Labeling your containers will help you continue putting things back where they belong. 

These are just a few motivational tips to help you get started on your next organization project. Whether organization is a talent you have, or you find it to be exhausting, we can all agree an organized house makes for a happy house. Do you have some tips that work for you and your family? If so, share below, we would love to hear from you!

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