The New, Agile Organization

While visiting my daughter last weekend, we were discussing the current trend that many high-tech companies, including the one that she works for, have begun adopting. It is referred to as “Agile,” and it is an entirely different way of structuring an organization and affecting change within it.

Operating in today’s environment requires organizations to be more nimble. Rapidly evolving environments, the constant introduction of disruptive technology, faster communication of more information, and the need to recruit and keep top talent have necessitated that organizations become less of a machine and more of a living organism. Gone are silos, bureaucracies, and top-down management, exchanged for more flexible resources, smaller teams enabled to make faster decisions, and flatter leadership structures.

An agile organization focuses on how to best serve its customers and keeps focused by setting a shared purpose and vision to keep their teams invested. This vision serves as the “North Star” for the organization and all activities should lead in that direction. Tools called
“customer journey maps” are created to understand the customer experience and observe any gaps or opportunities to make improvements.

Additionally, agile organizations require a shift in the mindset of leadership. Often, the upper management will even change their titles to “Squad leaders” and incorporate other names in the corporation, such as tribes, chapters, and guilds. The objective of these names
is to promote teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. Within the structure, freedom is given to create ad hoc teams to solve for certain problems. These “sprints,” as they are referred to, are intended to quickly address an issue, and the teams are given the freedom
to “go” with their decisions, regardless of whether the end product is fully perfected. With the ability to move forward, solutions are rolled out and the team “iterates,” improving on the solution in real time.

At Ferester & Company, we recognize the ever-changing dynamics of the real estate business. Our Squad of experienced and seasoned agents stays up on the current trends. The size of our organization allows us to be nimble and adjust as needed, while still providing our customers with the highest levels of expertise. Our first-class team offers innovative marketing solutions, an unmatched relocation network, and unparalleled devotion to our clients and fellow realtors.

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