Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas


Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

Its Thanksgiving week! Hopefully, the groceries have been purchased, the decorations have been put out, and the DVR is set for the Macy’s Parade and afternoon football games. With all the preparation that goes into this holiday, here’s to wishing you a relaxing, fun time with friends and family and a chance to enjoy all your hard work and effort.

After the big meal is done, you’ll probably have a refrigerator full of leftovers – here are some great ideas to turn them into unique meals instead of having a repeat of Thursday for the rest of the holiday weekend.

Turkey Leftovers
Side Dish Leftovers
There you have it – all your leftovers turned into delicious alternative meals. And if you’re not up to the task, just throw everything between two slices of bread for the best sandwich you’ll have all year!

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