Summer House Maintenance Tips


Summer House Maintenance Tips

Before the weather gets unbearably hot, think about taking on a few of these seasonal home maintenance projects to keep your house in tip-top shape. Many of these projects will up your home’s curb appeal if you’re considering putting your house on the market, too.
• Wash your house. Giving your home a good scrubbing from the outside will help reduce mold and dirt build up and extend the life of your home’s paint. Simply spraying your house with a garden hose is good enough – you don’t necessarily need to use a power washer. For really dirty areas like under the eaves and around gutters, scrub with a long-handled brush and soapy water.
• Don’t forget the windows. Remove window screens and scrub with a soft brush and warm, soapy water. Give the windows a good washing before you put the screens back on. Windex and Krud Kutter make products you can attach to your hose and spray, or just using soap and water will work, too.

• Replace your air filters. Just like your fire alarm batteries, it’s a good idea to replace the air filters in your home every six months or so. With the hotter temperatures keeping us indoors more, you’ll want your air to be clean and dust-free. Use your vacuum’s hand-held attachment to clean the intake vents and exhaust fans, too.

• Clean your kitchen appliances (the less-obvious ones). Cleaning your garbage disposal is as simple as pouring a bit of dish soap down the drain and running cold water while the disposal is turned on. Your dishwasher is just as easy to clean. When empty, add two cups of white vinegar to the bottom and run it on a short cycle. While not a kitchen appliance, your washing machine could probably use a run on its sanitize cycle – consult your owner’s manual, but running that cycle with white vinegar might be all that’s needed as well.

• Mulch your gardens. With the hot sun bearing down on your plants and flowers all summer, a good layer of mulch will help them retain the moisture from your sprinklers and rainfall and give them a fighting chance against the heat. Plus, fresh mulch really spruces up your yard and makes it look great!

• Check for leaks. Inspect all the visible pipes and hoses in your home. Look under sinks and in the attic for signs of dripping water, take a flashlight and inspect the ceiling, especially in corners, and give your hot water heater a good once-over. Look at the hoses on your toilets and washing machine for signs of wear. You can also just replace them if they are several years old.

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