When you’ve been in real estate for as long as I have, you come across some fantastic, and often funky, design ideas. So when I was faced with deciding on the décor for our new office in Creekside, I struggled to settle on a concept.
But, like all things we do at Beth Ferester & Company, we wanted to be unique, to stand out from the crowd. So I decided on a theme that would ensure that we do just that – Steampunk. What is Steampunk? Glad you asked.
Steampunk is a term that, in design, has come to be associated with art and fashion pieces that are a symbiotic mix of retro and futuristic technology. Imagine clocks or trains that function just like the modern-day versions, but with parts resembling those used in the 19th century, when steam was the power source for our greatest inventions.
The result is undeniably cool – an industrial look that is both sleek and clunky. With furniture, that often means functional pieces made up of old bits of upcycled junk. With art, it means whimsical creatures made of metal, with plenty of inner workings on display.
But like a lot of things in the design world, some concepts are better understood when seen in person. So please feel free to stop by our new office once we open in August, and let us show you how our distinctive office design reflects the distinctive service when you use Beth Ferester & Company.
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