Should You Install a Full House Surge Protector?

The modern home is absolutely brimming with tools of modern technology – from wall-mounted iPads that control just about everything in the house to doorbells that allow us to see who’s calling on us from thousands of miles away. With every device requiring a constant energy source, is it wise to install a full-house surge protector? If a sudden surge of electricity or an unexpected lightning strike were to hit your home, wouldn’t you like to know that you have protected your high-tech components and appliances from permanent damage?
I was recently asked by clients if they should install a full-house surge protector, as they had known of two homes that had been struck by lightning and the homeowners were forced to replace almost every one of their appliances, along with the AC and heating equipment. This got me thinking so I decided to call on the experts – our trusted electricians at Conroe Electric. I spoke to the owner, Brad Oliveri, who said that it was, indeed, now more than ever, a good idea to put a full house surge protector in your home.
Brad went on to say that these surges don’t just happen when lighting strikes, there are other events that can cause a surge that your unprotected system cannot handle. He said that especially in the summer when equipment such as AC’s are running at full capacity, this can cause a surge or 14-18 volts putting pressure on the electrical system. Fortunately, it is relatively inexpensive to protect your home with a full-house surge protector, with prices ranging from around $400 to $1600.
I found some good information at the site below if you are interested in pursuing a Surge Protector for your home. If you are considering it, please put the following in your browser to read more:
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