Teams are all set! It’s the Patriots vs. the Rams for Super Bowl LIII. Did your favorite team make it? Regardless of who you’re rooting for (or if you’re just there for the commercials), you are going to want your Super Bowl party to score big with all your fans. Here are some fun ideas that are sure to inspire you the perfect party. 


Nothing too out of the box here…the theme? Football. You can focus on your favorite team, or do a mix for guests that are rooting against you. Pinterest is your friend when coming up with fun DIY decorations that your guests will love. If kids are invited, set up and decorate a “concession stand” for fun grab and go snacks. Let them decorate paper bags with football stickers and fill them with popcorn, chips or pretzels. Mason jars can be transformed into cute decorations to organize your utensils. Use black and white striped paint and a whistle tied around the mouth of the jar to represent a referee. Try brown paint and white tape for football looking jar. You can even paint white x’s and o’s to look like a playbook! 


The food is always the highlight when it comes to the perfect Super Bowl party. There are hundreds of recipes online to help you wow your guests. A few must-haves are dips, finger foods and of course, drinks.  This isn’t the time to treat your guests to a 5-course meal, so think along the lines of kabobs, sliders, wings, and meatballs. To bring your decor out in your recipes, use toothpicks and add little “pennants” to the ends to stick into any bite-sized foods. There are lots of ways to get creative with drinks, too. If you are a Patriots fan you might like the “Patriots Pass”. Or, for the Rams fans, check out these themed jello shots


Of course, the main entertainment at this party will be the game. But for before, after, or any lulls in between…everyone loves a good photo booth. Cover a small area in your house or backyard with either a table cloth, a sheet, or a fun backdrop to begin. Gather some props like footballs, whistles, pom poms, or other football themed trinkets you might find online. This is also a fun way to involve your guests if they have anything they think would make for a good addition like an old football helmet or jersey, tell them to bring it along! 

Game time is upon us…so start planning! No matter who comes out on top, your Super Bowl party will score big with all your guests. Here’s to Super Bowl LIII!

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