Saying Goodbye to ’16 & Hello to ’17

With 2016 coming to a close this week, here are some ideas for productive and different ways to say goodbye to this year and welcome in the new one.

• Instead of resolutions, make a gratitude list. This will take the focus off of what you want to change and give you a chance to appreciate what you already have. It is also a great way to reflect on what you’ve accomplished this past year.

• Use the vacation time (if you’re staying at home) to clean out your closets. By donating old clothes you’ll be contributing to those in need while making room for the holiday gifts you received or picked up yourself at those great sales!

• Take some time to pamper yourself by booking a massage or personal training session, or just relaxing in your back yard with a good novel.

• Check out some of those 2016 year-end lists such as:
o Rolling Stone’s “20 Best Lists of 2016”
o’s “The Only Top 10 Lists You Need To Read”
o Cosmopolitan’s “14 Pop Culture Things That Were Actually Good in 2016”
o The New York Time’s “The Year in Pictures 2016”

• Take stock of your financial situation and see if there are any areas where you could spend some money (i.e. deposit into savings accounts, IRAs, 401k, etc.) to save some money in tax deductions before December 30. People under age 50 can max out retirement accounts at $18,000 and those over 50 can contribute up to $24,000. Charitable donations also count towards reducing your taxable income.

• Spend the last of your medical savings accounts that will expire at the end of this week. HSA accounts are use-it-or-lose-it, so stock up on over the counter medications, bandages, or other medical supplies, or try to squeeze in a checkup with your doctor or eye care professional.

Most importantly, enjoy this holiday season while it lasts because the new year is coming at us fast!

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