Our New Vocabulary

It is amazing how quickly new words have come into our vocabulary over the last few months, most of them being reduced to initials. In case you haven’t made a list, I have some I remember below:

Covid 19 – Corona Virus Disease #19
EIDL – Economic Injury Disaster Loan
PPP – Payroll Protection Program
PPE –Personal Protective Equipment

There are a lot more, often-used words that aren’t condensed to initials like, self-quarantine, herd immunity, N-95 mask, social distancing, and other words that we have heard over the past two months hundreds of times.

We listen to these words and they already seem normal to us, and then we stop and think how very weird it is that we see these as normal.

Now, we hope that our country, and the world, will open up again and small businesses will reopen, department stores, restaurants, and of course schools. We hope that we will be able to hug our friends, smile without a mask on, and go to our favorite concerts and sports events.

As for Ferester & Company, we have been selling houses. With less inventory, our listings are selling fast and buyers are looking for the great interest rates. That makes a great combination to put buyers into homes. If you are thinking of buying or selling THIS IS THE TIME!

We also want to thank you for your ongoing support of our giving back coffeehouse café next to our office in Creekside – it really isn’t far from East Shore and definitely worth the trip – AND YOU GET A 10% DISCOUNT IF YOU USE THE CODE EAST SHORE. We have been able to give back, even during the crisis so come help us bring back the economy by helping others.

Beth Ferester

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