Our Favorite Hot Spots: Best Farm to Table – The Wheel Kitchen


Our Favorite Hot Spots: Best Farm to Table – The Wheel Kitchen

While there are plenty of excellent restaurants in The Woodlands proper, there is a special place just on the outskirts that is very worth driving an extra couple of miles. The Wheel Kitchen, located just a few minutes beyond Creekside off Hufsmith Road, is the place you go to when you want the kind of food that you wish you had time to cook for yourself.

The Wheel Kitchen is a true farm to table restaurant – the ingredients are sourced locally and the dishes are planned and prepared based on seasonal availability. Baking is done in-house and a more gorgeous selection of baked goods (including gluten free treats) you will not find. The coffee is sourced a little further afield, from the owners’ native Guatemala, and is the perfect way to wash down a muffin or scone.

The restaurant is primarily opened for breakfast and lunch, with dinner currently being served on Friday nights only. The menu changes regularly and is brimming with wholesome options like gorgeous salads, artisan sandwiches, curry, hearty oatmeal, local eggs (all day!), and bowls filled with all manner of grains and vegetables. With each bite, you know how much the owners love good food.

With its growing popularity, the characterful inside tables are often full but the good weather allows for overspill onto the outside patio where you can relax and watch the world go by in a lovely rural setting. The Wheel Kitchen features occasional live music and also offers some of the local products for sale inside.
There are plenty of options for food in and around The Woodlands, but when you want a home-cooked meal made with the best local ingredients, this place is the Wheel Deal.

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