Our Build Out

Building out any new space and trying to make it your own can be exciting and energizing. The part that can prove frustrating, and even a bit exhausting, is trying to make sure that the vision inside your head translates into the final product. And that is something that we are not short of here at Beth Ferester & Company – vision.
Since opening two years ago, the company has flourished and we have been so lucky that our vision was fulfilled – to assemble a truly unique group of agents who share the same drive and desire to deliver a quality service to all of our clients. In my 37 years in the business, I have never seen such a formidable group working in tandem and individually to produce a synergy and creative energy that simply cannot be found in larger companies. While some strive to gather as many agents as possible, at Beth Ferester & Company we do not want people to feel “lost in the crowd” and we benefit from having an experienced hands-on owner working in the field alongside the agents.
Such an amazing group of agents deserves an amazing working environment. Which brings me to the part about our decision to build a new office. Apart from my passion for designing and creating great spaces, we decided that a move to the center of The Woodlands would help us to serve our clients more efficiently, reaching all borders of this great town we live in.
Naturally, we chose a blank space so we could truly make it our own. So, the process began many months ago and design plans were started.
The first step was to decide on a style that would reflect our “real estate for every lifestyle” motto and also reflect our creativity in marketing. Whether working in the estate areas of The Woodlands, or with a first-time buyer, we wanted everyone to feel comfortable and understand that every home is different and every buyer is different, but that we treat all clients as if they are our only one.
Something I have always said throughout my extensive career in real estate is that every house, regardless of price, should reflect a certain casual elegance. A home that visitors will admire, but that feels warm and welcoming while still reflecting the personality and exuding the energy of those that dwell within.
As this office has finished out, I find it to be just what I wanted it to be – a reflection of the people who work inside. Agents who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and going that extra mile, who are creative, devoted to their career, and committed to those they serve.
We would love to invite all of you to our new “digs” which will have the last touches finished around the 15th of August. Some call it modern/industrial, others Steampunk, but I assure you, it is DIFFERENT – just like the Ferester team of agents. You won’t find any others like us.
Come and enjoy an old fashioned bottle of Coke from our antique Coke machine in our café, or have a cup of espresso and take in the interesting accessories inside, then stroll through the courtyard to one of our neighboring stores or restaurants. At Beth Ferester & Company, everyone is treated like family whether you are buying or selling a home, or just wanting an update on the market.
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