One Word for 2019


One Word for 2019

Beth Ferester & Company meetings are actually sharing meetings. Our team members come together, pull up chairs in a circle, and share personal and professional stories, ideas, advice, and encouragement. This unique team of agents has surpassed any goals and expectations I had for them in 2018, both professionally and personally, and I am convinced that is a result of the group synergy, from which we all draw to boost own our talents and goals.
At the last meeting of the year, I asked each agent to say what they were thankful for over the past year. Thankfulness for each other was a consistent theme. Never before have I had the privilege of working with such an amazing, successful group of women who care so much about others. We have shared weddings, births, losses, and achievements and have given back to the community as much as possible.
On the first day of the new year, I decided to ask for something other than resolutions, since those are typically focused on dropping bad habits. Instead, I asked every agent to come up with one word that would be symbolic to them for the coming year. I asked my family members gathered with us in Maine this holiday season to do the same. Amazingly, I gathered all the words within a matter of minutes from my two responsive groups.
Check out our list of words and ponder what you might choose. There are some beautiful and fulfilling thoughts apparent in the choice of words.
May all of you have the most wonderful year ahead in 2019. We hope you will let us be a part of your year.

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