Mitchell Island in East Shore Fires Up Residents + Realtors for a Cause

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If you’re local to the Woodlands or even just the North Houston area – Mitchell Island, in the neighborhood of East Shore, has been a hot topic of discussion.

Just off of East Shore is a 23 acre island on Lake Woodlands. Mitchell Island was set to have 19 spacious lots for luxury homes to be built on up until recently. When word got out that a new plan for 58 lots had emerged – current residents and real estate agents selling and buying in the neighborhood responded negatively.

Our very own Beth Ferester, resident and long-time realtor in East Shore and surrounding areas, felt this was an important cause to get behind, and used her position in the community to do just that. With her unique role that brings her into both sides of the conversation, she has spent countless hours in long meetings and negotiations, along with the talented steering committee led by Tami Houston, bringing about the recent success of an updated agreement to have now 30 lots planned for the island.

Another resident in East Shore, looking to sell his 10,000+ sq. ft. French Normandy style home, teamed up with Beth to host a small gathering of luxury real estate agents in the Woodlands to discuss the recent happenings with Mitchell Island. This gave agents a chance to discuss the overall market for the island and how these recent decisions will affect that.

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There are a few main issues residents and realtors have with the proposal of an additional 39 lots.

  1. The island is a long time habitat for the Bald Eagle.
  2. This number of lots would dramatically increase the traffic in the already small neighborhood. With this discussion being about an island – it will particularly clog the Timberloch Place, with that currently being the main access point to the island.
  3. A big part of the appeal of the island lies in its exclusivity. Adding that many lots to a confined area does not offer any distinction from other areas in the Woodlands, and doesn’t allow room for much else.

As mentioned above, the decision has been made to reduce the number of lots from 58 down to 30, which most feel is a reasonable compromise. Although, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the development of the island. Beth is working alongside Tami Houston and others to ensure a plan is decided on that can be mutually beneficial. You can find more information about the process so far in this article from Community Impact.

Here is a glimpse inside an incredible French Normandy style estate. This home is currently on the market. Contact Beth Ferester if you or someone you know is interested in seeing it in person.

Mitchell Island in East Shore Fires Up Residents + Realtors for a Cause
Mitchell Island in East Shore Fires Up Residents + Realtors for a Cause

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