Meet Our Naked Chef

So, first of all, our chef isn’t naked – his food is “naked”, as in raw. His name is Jan Paul Kahlan and we are so blessed to have him here all the way from Costa Rica. JP, as we call him, is a dear friend of my son. In fact, he helped my son open his own coffee shop, the Zen Café, in Costa Rica many years ago, and now he is here to teach us how to make healthy, delicious foods so we can serve them in our own Lovebeans Coffeehouse.

When I met JP all those years ago, he would ride up on his bike, with a wagon attached to the back, and deliver the most gorgeous bliss balls every day. Today, he runs his own café in Nosara called Naked Foods Café. He also has become a highly respected consultant and trainer, traveling all over the country from New York to California assisting others to open their own plant-based restaurants. I have learned so much having him here, and I cannot wait to share what I’ve learned with all of you.

For example, do you miss a good burger on your plant-based diet? Fear not – you can whip up a Beet Burger in no time. Try it with vegan mayonnaise, on a bed of greens with vegan cheese and some tasty relish, and voila – suddenly your alternative eating routine became a lot easier.

What about pulled pork? You don’t have to give that up, either. Enter a new star on the scene of plant-based foods – the Jackfruit. Jackfruit’s texture makes it a great meat substitute and perfect for imitating pulled pork. So yummy and so good for you at the same time.

Worried that you won’t get enough protein on a plant-based diet? True, everyone needs their protein, but you can get plenty from legumes, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The animals we eat have to get their protein from plant sources, so you can look at it as cutting out the middle man and going straight to the source yourself.

Or come in and try our Protein Bliss Balls – non-dairy energy balls made mostly from cacao, nuts, dates, and coconut oil. These are a real chocolate treat and actually taste very much like our own Lovebean Chocolate spread, which we have been making for 15 years now and which we will sell in jars at Lovebeans Coffeehouse, with profits going into our charity fund for local causes.

There is nothing I like better than a good steak, so I’m not sure I’m ready, personally, to switch entirely to a plant-based lifestyle. I will say, though, that I now see it as a much more viable and varied option than I had originally thought. And if I want to reach my goal of living to be 100, I should probably eat that way some of the time at least. But just in case I slip, Lovebeans Coffeehouse will also have lots of delicious pastries, candies, lattes, parfaits, charcuterie boards, wine, and more!

Lovebeans will be open to the public next week and we hope you will stop by and check us out and maybe try some Naked Food with JP Kahlan.

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