There is beauty in simplicity. Are you thinking of changing up the design theme in your home to create a “less is more” approach? The art of decorating with less seems like an easy task, but it does take a bit of planning and thought to make sure that your home still feels inviting and warm. Here are a few ideas to help you master this look.

  • DeclutterThe number one thing you need to do to achieve the minimalist look is to declutter. Do your best to store unnecessary things out of sight, and only display things you use daily. This will help streamline your countertops and surfaces. When buying furnishings, try to choose items that can also be used for storage, for example storage benches and ottomans. These will give you more options for storage and help get the clutter out of sight.
  • Go With NeutralsChoosing neutrals makes the space look clean and airy. Bright colors tend to make the area look busy. Use different hues of creams, whites, tans, grays, and taupe to keep your space feeling calm and inviting.
  • Variety of TexturesChoosing a variety of textures will add dimension to your look, while helping it seem more layered and warm. Find woven pieces in accents, like baskets or chairs. Collecting a mixture of rough and smooth finishes will help you achieve the perfect combination to enhance your “less is more” design.
  • Invest in Quality PiecesQuality over Quantity is what you need to remember. Invest in quality statement pieces that will stand out in your design. This could be an interesting light fixture, or a beautiful handmade wood coffee table. Choose a piece that you absolutely love, and then design the room around it. Create an area that lets the statement piece speak for itself.
  • Natural LightTo avoid making your minimal space feel too cold, let the light in. Draw back your curtains or ditch the curtains and show off your beautiful glass pane windows! Letting in natural light will bring attention to the architecture of your home as it will create shadows and light up your space to create a warm and inviting home.

Less IS more when choosing this design for your home. If you are selling your home, this design can also make your home feel more open and bigger in size. Eliminating all the unnecessary clutter and bringing in quality statement pieces is a huge advantage when trying to sell your home.  


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