Haven’t you always heard the three most important things in buying a home are location, location, location? Those “three things’ are definitely important. However, after 37 years in the business, I can tell you what is most important . I call it “The Pretty.” If you go to the bakery anxious for a special treat, look at the selection, and see an amazing, barely tan, French croissant, wouldn’t you choose it over a stale-looking doughnut? Of course you would! I would probably go one further and have a lovely chocolate croissant. Spring is the time of year when homes start coming on the market because sellers want to have their lawns looking great and everything in perfect order – or at least sellers who want to sell. The real savvy sellers have updated their homes if they have been in the home five years or more. All they have to do is clean out closets, cabinets, and drawers, mulch and spruce up the yard, and they are ready.

I have been to homes to assess the condition and price too many times to count. Many times, I am overwhelmed at the great way the seller has it ready to present. Other times, I realize that we are going to have to roll up our sleeves and get my team there to walk through the house and make suggestions. We often move furniture around, add or take away accessories, or we can even stage a vacant home with furnishings from a rental company. Other suggestions we make are paint touch-ups or full-out painting, putting small items in baskets instead of loose clutter stacks, clean windows, and perhaps one of the most important of all – add bright LED lights. These lights make a world of difference, especially in older style homes. I can tell you for sure, sellers who take time to “pretty” their homes are the ones whose homes jump off the market, many times having multiple bids. Multiple bids often lead to above-market pricing. Other homes that haven’t had such enhancements may sit on the market for over a year, even if they have the greatest location and a great price.

So, don’t depend on your home being “just okay” but having location and price in- line. It needs to be the “best of the best” to sell for the most and sell quickly. Houses that don’t sell quickly will depreciate each month they are on the market. Make your house have that one thing that will always put it in first position for sale….that one thing I call “The Pretty.” It will work every time, and our experts at Beth Ferester & Company know how to give your house The Pretty!

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