Happy Fourth of July


Happy Fourth of July

We all love the Fourth of July – it’s a day full of parades, family, hot dogs, patriotic clothing and, of course, fireworks. At this time of year, the Fireworks stands at the side of the road become a regular fixture – but what are the rules for setting off Fireworks in and around The Woodlands?
The answer is simple – fireworks are prohibited at all times within the boundaries of The Woodlands, and most municipalities within Montgomery County for that matter, including Conroe. It is only in the unincorporated areas that fireworks are allowed, with certain exceptions. If you are going to be handling fireworks, be sure to do so safely. The National Council on Fireworks Safety offers a handy safety checklist – click here to read more.
The best way to enjoy Fireworks on the Fourth of July is to come along and enjoy one of the fantastic displays in your area. In The Woodlands, there will be a Red, Hot and Blue Festival all day long, finishing with an 18-minute fireworks extravaganza starting at 9:30pm and taking place above Lake Woodlands. Tomball is also hosting celebrations and a street festival, which will end with a fireworks display of its own.
If you have pets, please remember that fireworks can be very upsetting to them. If you know that fireworks are going to be heard near your home, it is best to put your pet inside the house to prevent them running away if they get scared.
However you plan to celebrate, everyone at Beth Ferester & Company wants to wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July.

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