Getting Inspired for Summer Entertaining?

Stores are bringing out all of their summer items, the days are getting longer, and Mr. Sun is starting to show up! After the long and rainy winter, I think most of us are ready for some time outside enjoying our Texas temperatures! Does this time of year get you excited to start planning your first summer party of the season like it does me? Here are some ideas to help you start dreaming up some fun summer memories.

  1. Pick a theme

A good theme helps set the mood for all your summer entertaining. Tying everything together around a theme can make even the smallest details seem effortless. For example, if you love the tropical look, shop for things that will turn your outdoor space into a tropical oasis. Choose colorful pillows and cushions for your patio furniture. Choose accessories that will also compliment your theme. Tropical table settings, candles, tiki torches, and seashells are all great touches to go with this theme. If you have a pool, throw in some colorful floats and beach towels. Even when choosing your serving dishes, pick items that will compliment your theme.

  1. Do some planting!

Plants help bring warmth and color to your outdoor space. Don’t just limit adding color to your flower beds, use creative planters to set around too. If you don’t have a green thumb, your local garden center makes it so easy for you. You can purchase already put together planters that are filled with beautiful combinations of plants that will enhance any space. Choosing different variations of plants and flowers will add character and contrast to corners and table tops. One thing to consider before buying your plants, especially if you are new to the area, make sure you buy plants that are deer resistant. A lot of us live in areas here in the Woodlands and surrounding areas, where our deer friends love to feast off of our beautiful plants. There are still many options to choose from, ask your local garden center which plants will work the best.

  1. Light up your space

If you are going to be doing your entertaining in the evenings and into the night, you will want to make sure that you light up your space. There are many creative approaches to outdoor lighting. Tiki torches throughout your flower beds, candles, or decorative lanterns are just a few ways to light up your party. Stringing lights around trees, pergolas, and bars is also a fun way to make your space more inviting. If you went with a theme, choose your lighting in a way that compliments your theme!

Summer entertaining brings friends and families together, and everyone loves a fun party! So, grab your calendar, pick a date, and start planning that first party of the season. If you already have your outdoor space ready for the summer, drop us a picture below, we would love to get some inspiration from you! We hope everyone has a wonderful and memorable summer!

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