Our Favorite Hot Spots: Best Coffee in The Woodlands – Third Gen Coffee


Our Favorite Hot Spots: Best Coffee in The Woodlands – Third Gen Coffee

Between all of us at Beth Ferester & Company, we have lived in The Woodlands for well over a century combined. So we consider ourselves a bit of an authority on the best local haunts in and around The Woodlands – the lesser-known places that you might not find unless someone points you in the right direction. In this series of blogs, we want to share some of those places with you.

In this first installment, we share our opinion on the best cup of coffee in The nWoodlands. We all know of a certain green mermaid that offers coffee on just about nevery corner, but where do you go when you want to slump down into a sofa and disappear into an actual mug of coffee – the kind that has been lovingly raised from seed?

We go to Third Gen Coffee. This charming yet cozy coffee spot, located at 25136 Grogans Park Drive, is owned by husband and wife team Marlon Reyes and Rachel Lanigan. Marlon hails from Honduras and is a third-generation coffee farmer. The couple farmed and owned coffee shops in Honduras before deciding to relocate to The Woodlands to share their high-quality coffee with America. Lucky us.

Split over two levels, Third Gen is the perfect spot, whether you’re looking to grab a quick mug with a friend or spend an afternoon catching up on your emails. There is an assortment of sweets and treats on offer, and even a selection of cold beverages, but if you’re going in, then you really must get a coffee. Whether it’s an Americano, a latte or a cappuccino, it only takes one sip before you taste the difference. Only when beans have been lovingly grown and cared for, when every step of the process from seed to mug has been overseen by a trusted group of individuals, and when skilled baristas have been put in charge of the final outcome do you get something as flavorful and smooth as a mug of Third Gen Coffee.

Personally, I try to make my way to Third Gen as frequently as possible. But for the days when I just cannot make time, I keep a bag of Third Gen’s beans, which they roast once a week and sell in shop, on hand for coffee emergencies. Try Third Gen for yourself and I’m sure you may want to do the same.

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