The season has officially flipped to Autumn, although with these Houston area temperatures, it may not feel official yet. Here are a few outdoor lawn and garden tips to prepare for the cooler months ahead.
• Plant a vegetable garden. Fall is a great time of year to plant a vegetable garden so you can have fresh produce straight from your own backyard. Vegetable plants grow best with lots of sunlight, so choose an area that isn’t shaded. They also grow best in raised beds, so using pots or building a large box will help with soil drainage. Buy a good garden mix soil with compost and organic soil to plant your seeds. Some great plants to begin growing in September include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and mustard, and the best for October are carrots, garlic, cloves and leeks.
• Apply turf fungicide to your lawn. A common fungus in this area is called “brown patch” and it usually becomes active as the temperatures begin to drop, after lying dormant during the summer heat. If you notice circular brown rings in your grass, this is most likely what you’re dealing with. Improper drainage and over-watering cause this fungus to spread. Scott’s Lawn Fungus or Bayer Advanced Fungus Control are two products that work well on brown patch and can be applied with a spreader or hose attachment.
• Reduce your sprinkler cycles. After the temperatures are down in the low-80s on a regular basis, reduce the amount of water your lawn receives to about one inch every two to three weeks to help decrease the potential for brown patch and other diseases to spread.
• Plant some fall colors in flower beds. Ornamental grasses come in a variety of colors and are at their best during the fall. Some great fall-flowering perennials to add to your yard include aster, Copper Canyon daisy, Mexican bush sage and toad lily. And one of the most popular plants this time of year are chrysanthemums. Keep them potted or plant in flower beds, and choose tightly-budded ones so you can enjoy the entire flowering season.
Hope your autumn is off to a beautiful start!

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