Halloween is over, but don’t throw out those pumpkins and gourds just yet! These seasonal vegetables can last for a couple months and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, they make the perfect decorative transition between holidays. Here are some fun ideas to stretch out the fall flavor before the focus turns to winter.
• For your front porch or walkway, use a planter filled with a fall favorite blossom like mums, pansies or snapdragons and place some uncarved pumpkins and gourds around the base to add interest.
• Make a wreath for your front door using mini pumpkins and tiny gourds. Find a plain wreath base made of grapevine or burlap and decorate the top with greenery or ribbon. Choose three mini pumpkins for the bottom. Using heavy gauge wire, wrap the stem of the pumpkin with the middle part of the wire, then wrap the wire ends around the sides of the pumpkin, ensuring that the wire nestles in the crevices. Tie the wire around the back of the wreath tightly. Repeat the process for tiny gourds, wrapping the center of the wire around the thinnest part of the gourd. Add some greenery in between the pumpkins and gourds to help hide the wire.
• Decorate your mantle with garland made from yellow, orange, and red leaves. Use spice scented accent candles and fresh pinecones. Bonus – the candles and pinecones can stick around for December holiday décor!
• Add plaid throw blankets to sofas and armchairs in warm colors and toss in some decorative pillows in coordinating colors.
• Use table linens and dishes in creamy whites for a softer kitchen and dining room. Pumpkins come in this shade, too, and make for a nice centerpiece.
• Put out a fruit basket filled with apples, gourds, and squash. Add in some oranges and grapefruits to brighten up the colors. Place the basket on a fall-themed tray – you can easily move it from the kitchen table or counter to a coffee table or mantle.
However you choose to decorate for fall, enjoy this fun season and relax before the holiday rush kicks in.

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