Don’t Overlook Your Lids: A Realtor’s Tip on Selling Your Home


Don’t Overlook Your Lids: A Realtor’s Tip on Selling Your Home

If you stop to think about it, there are thousands and thousands of lids and caps, to all sorts of things. You’ve got your jar lids, your bottle tops, caps on toothpaste – the list goes on and on. Personally, I can’t stand it when the lids on my jelly jars become impossible to remove because of the disgusting layer of jam that somehow makes its way to the top of the jar. Solution, of course, clean the top of the jar each time it is opened, but how many of us do that?
I’m also not a fan of the ketchup bottles in restaurants that have a thick coating of ketchup all around the rim, causing the cap to only partially close. That is really a turn-off don’t you think?
Now, as for toothpaste, I always put the lid back on the toothpaste, but will take this opportunity to confess that I generally squeeze from the middle or top of the tube, which does make my husband crazy. I think after all these years, I may just do it to irritate him, and show him I am not perfect.
Lastly, and as a real estate agent, most importantly, is the discussion of the lid on a toilet. This is the pet peeve of our family. It started with my husband’s insistence that the lid on all of our toilets be closed at all times, which he had been taught growing up with a stern father. At first, I, along with the children, rebelled, but eventually came around and now cringe whenever I see a toilet seat lid up.
So, what is proper protocol with toilets – should the lids be up or down? I assume that since the manufacturers go to the trouble of making lids for toilets, they are meant to be down. And I know, for sure, that in showing a home, regardless of the price range, I find it a huge negative to find all the toilet lids up. I provide a booklet to all of my sellers, called First Impressions, and in it I make my top suggestions for making a house ready for showings. Among those suggestions: turn all lights on, remove pets, stage rooms where necessary, do not be at home when buyers come and by all means, close your toilet lids.
We recently moved our office to a lovely location in which we have our own bathroom. In the beginning, I was finding the lid up on the toilet more often than not. So I bought a cute little sign saying, “Don’t forget to flush, close the lid, and wash your hands.” It’s still a work in progress, but we’re getting there!
I hope that any of you thinking of selling your home will take this important advice to heart because it really can make a difference.

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