Did you know that Presidents’ Day was originally celebrated on George Washington’s birthday? Until the late 1960’s, when the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed, which was an effort to create more three-day weekends for workers. After that, Lincoln was added to the holiday and eventually it came to be a celebration of all past Presidents.  

So who was George Washington, did he chop down his father’s cherry tree and then confess to everything saying, “I cannot tell a lie?”  The short answer? No. George Washington was a man of honesty and integrity, an inspiring leader of men, and a humble servant of his country. But the cherry tree story is fiction – invented by Mason Locke Weems, Washington’s biographer, to make the point that the public greatness of the first President was directly linked to his noble private virtues. 

But when I think of George Washington, I still can’t help but think of that cherry tree, which of course makes me think of FOOD!  Like cherry pie, cherries jubilee, cherry ice cream and, of course, chocolate covered cherries.  Little boxes of chocolate covered cherries, bought at our childhood neighborhood drug store, were my brother’s yearly gift to me for every occasion.  I recently found a recipe for chocolate covered cherries that I can’t wait to try – you can try it as well by clicking here.

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