Coffee or Tea?

According to research, Americans prefer coffee over tea from 75 to 25. That said, we are drinking half as much coffee per capita as we were in the 1940s. There is, of course, a great deal of history behind tea consumption in America, beginning with the Tea Act of 1773, which was the catalyst to the Boston Tea Party. Eventually, coffee was perceived as the more patriotic drink of choice, and that seems to have stuck for quite some time now.

While many people just prefer the taste of one over the other, some recent studies show that a person’s genes might actually determine their preference for tea or coffee. According to the research, our genes predict our perception of bitterness, and that perception can lead us to prefer one over the other. While that may be true, tea is still the drink of choice in the United Kingdom, which makes me wonder if history and tradition play an equally important role.

At Lovebeans Coffeehouse, we have to confess that we really love both coffee and tea, and so we have carefully selected suppliers of both, which we cannot wait to serve to all of you in the coming weeks.

After some exhaustive, and very enjoyable, tasting sessions, we have decided to source our coffee beans from popular local roasters Amaya and Geva. We have even created our own unique Lovebeans blended roast, which we will both serve and sell in store.

For the tea connoisseurs, we have chosen a lovely variety of loose-leaf teas from Teema Teas, a female-owned plantation in Thailand. Teema offers artisan, organic, single-origin teas and donates 10% of their profits to help empower and uplift economically disadvantaged women and their families. Some of the flavors we will be serving will be Ginger Lemongrass, Hazelnut Chai, Jasmine Green, and Hibiscus Mint. Drinking loose-leaf tea should be a fully immersive experience, so we will serve our teas on bamboo trays in their own glass pots, with an hourglass timer alongside for perfect steeping.

You may be wondering what the link is between real estate and drinking coffee or tea. But as many of you now know, we are opening our own coffee house, Lovebeans Coffeehouse, right next door to Beth Ferester & Company. This is partially a passion project, aimed at giving back to the community and supporting local charities while adding a great community gathering place to the ever-growing Woodlands.

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