Bluebonnet Bonanza!

Get your cameras ready, it is almost bluebonnet season y’all! One positive thing about all the rain this winter is that forecasters are saying we are in for one of the best bluebonnet seasons we have seen in years. The precipitation has enhanced the germination of all the state’s winter annuals, which translates to rolling fields and highways lined wide and thick patches of our beloved bluebonnets this year. We should start seeing the blue popping up around mid-March through the end of April to early May. The season only lasts a few sweet weeks, so if you are planning to take advantage of nature’s portrait studio get ready!

Texans have been snapping their iconic springtime images in a field of bluebonnets for generations. So, if you are new to Texas, be looking for vehicles parked on the side of the roads with parents and their cameras trying to get that perfect shot. One of the best places to see them here in The Woodlands is at the spacious Rob Fleming park. The park is perfect for an afternoon out, so make a day of it! Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy all the amenities that it has to offer. If you are willing to drive a little further, Ennis, Texas is the official bluebonnet city of Texas. Every April up to 100,000 people flock to the town to take in all the glorious bluebonnets. Ennis even holds an annual Bluebonnet Trails Festival, which is being held this year on April 12-14. For a full list of events for the festival visit www.bluebonnettrail.org. Ennis offers the oldest trails known in the state and showcases over 40 miles of mapped driving bluebonnet trails. There are also many other places to catch Texas’s state flower, often in spots you didn’t expect.

I asked a professional photographer his best tips for getting that perfect bluebonnet shot, and he said to keep it simple. Try to pan your pictures around sunset, because that will give you the best light. Also, choose solid colored clothing, he recommends white. The bluebonnets are the star of the show, so don’t try to take away from that by choosing busy clothing. Let nature do its part. One last tip he offered is to try and fill your frame with the bluebonnets, and get close. Just remember to also check your surroundings for fire ant mounds, snakes, or jagged debris, as all of these things would definitely ruin the moment.

Do you have a favorite bluebonnet spot or a family picture in the wildflowers that you would like to share? We would love to see them, post them in the comments! Bring on the bluebonnets!

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