A Special Place

A realtor doesn’t work forty hours a week…instead, we are on call 24/7. We negotiate contracts at midnight and we take overseas calls before dawn. That is all of course if we are putting our clients’ needs first. The call may be regarding a serious issue and quite challenging, or it may be just to calm a client’s nerves and assure them everything will be okay. Many times, we are there to hear about the many other things going on in their lives that aren’t even related to real estate. There can be tough conversations too where our advice from being in the industry for so long is needed, but not what they want to hear. In my 40 year career, most of my clients have become my friends and neighbors. Many families have purchased or sold homes with me as many as 8 times! I love helping people and making lasting relationships with them. I love every day that I am in real estate and am ready for new adventures each day – good or bad.

Like everyone else, however, sometimes we just need to get away to our “quiet place”. That could mean spending a few days at home, or going off to some place where we can rest and relax, but still keep things at home running smoothly. That place for my husband Bob and I is our home on the quiet Peaks Island in Maine, only accessible by ferry or boat. Peaks Island attracted my husband and I both the first time we visited our friends, the Halbirts, at their beautiful home on the Bay side of the island. We stayed in a lovely guest house that captured our hearts the moment we walked in. During our visit, we talked the Halbirts into selling us this guest house, which we proceeded to expand and remodel for our extended family.

This little island is a “blast from the past” – truly like stepping back in time, which nowadays, is a welcomed relief. And, as a special bonus, I found out one of my great, great, great…Grandfathers on the Hilton side was the first pioneer to map the East Coast from Maine to the Carolinas, having Hilton Head Island named after him. Maybe that is why I felt at home so quickly in this remarkable place.

I hope everyone has a special place to go, reflect on the past and make plans for the future…all while getting out of the fast pace we all are so accustomed to. If you don’t have a physical place, make sure you take time each day to stop and remember all the great family and friends you have and try not to dwell on all the problems we are all seeing unfold in this crazy world.

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