A Bit of This and That

My efforts paid off with my first cookbook and throughout 1982 I worked hard to build a great business, resulting in me being named the leading agent in my office, which at the time was McGuirt and Company located on FM 1960. It wasn’t easy and required some major team effort from my wonderful family, who all pitched in with the marketing side.
In between cookbooks, we kept my name out there by putting flags in the yard of every house in our neighborhood every Fourth of July. Well actually, my family accuses me of playing the role of “air traffic controller” from the comfort of my car, chauffeuring everyone around and directing them on where to place the next flags in the summer heat.
Having done well and cultivated a great following, my second cookbook was full of client and friend recipes. I decided to title it This N That, to show that it was a mix of more of our favorite recipes, combined with new ones that we received from others.
Through the years I have learned that consistently delivering quality service on a personal level is the only way to conduct a successful business, and the best way to make yourself stand out from the rest. I have brought other great agents on board who practice the same ethics, professionalism and personal service. With personal service being so hard to find in the modern world, we take great pride in this aspect of our business.
I carried on with McGuirt and Company even when it was purchased by Merrill Lynch, who decided to try their hand in real estate in the 1980’s. Merrill Lynch was fun and they rewarded their top producers with wonderful trips, and we enjoyed quite a few of those. However, their ultimate goal was to channel real estate clients through to their brokerage service, an approach that didn’t work and resulted in them selling to Prudential.
I never felt that Prudential suited my personality, so eventually I left, followed by other top agents, and went to work in a small, boutique firm. While there, I decided to venture out on my own and eventually opened my first office on FM 1960 in 1991, followed by an office in The Woodlands in 1994. We grew until we had 55 agents on board, at which point I realized that I wanted a better balance between conducting my own business and managing my agents, as I have never lost my enthusiasm for being an active agent. So we sold to a national company in 1998, which allowed me to become the top agent in Houston for that company.
Only two years ago, I decided the time had come once again to start my own company. So I selected agents who shared my vision of quality service and personal care and launched Beth Ferester & Company. This has turned out to be the best decision I have made in my 37-year career. We now have a fantastic group of team players, each working separately on their own, but having the unwavering support of the other 18 agents.
We just opened our wonderful new office in Creekside so come see us. And in the meantime, enjoy this new recipe for Seaton Pound Cake! Blogs to come will share with you some of my secrets to buying and selling homes and introduce another new recipe each time.
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