5 Step Guide to Selling Your House – Step 1: Pricing

5 Step Guide to Selling Your House – Step 1: Pricing

At Beth Ferester & Company, we don’t just list homes for sale – WE SELL THEM. Unlike some other Realtors, we limit our inventory of listings to allow us to focus our full attention on getting our houses sold. In this series of blogs, we want to share with you the FIVE steps that we take to get your house ready for and on the market so it will sell for the best price and in the fastest time possible. The first step we will discuss is possibly the most important – PRICING.

From the moment a house appears on the market, the clock starts ticking. After a few weeks have passed, potential buyers will see the list price and will, rightly or wrongly, assume it to be the reason that a house has not yet sold. As a motivated seller, you should not underestimate the importance of assigning a realistic price to your home. Many listing agents will overprice a house to make the seller happy. At Beth Ferester & Company, we will give you an honest evaluation based on comparable sales. We will clearly explain why some comparables are worth more or less than your home, and we will arrive at a price that is in tune with the entire market.

So what are the things that have the greatest impact on pricing? Buyers are looking for location, a livable floor plan and a modern, well-presented interior. If your décor is up to date and conveys the feeling that this is a wonderful place to call home, a buyer may form an emotional attachment that could ultimately result in an offer. If your home has everything – great location, updated interior, desirable floor plan – then we may actually achieve a selling price that outstrips any comparables in the area.

Occasionally, putting a house on the market at just the right price can result in multiple full-price offers being received in the early days of the listing. While this can prove daunting for some agents, my 35+ years of experience as one of the top agents in Houston allows me to handle such situations with the utmost professionalism. In these cases, there are many aspects beyond price that will affect the viability of the sale, and our team remains focused on all of these to ensure the best possible outcome for the seller.

At our first meeting with a prospective seller, we will gather as much information as we can about the property and we will present all of the data that we have gathered on comparable homes in the area. We will then offer our honest, straightforward opinion as to what price will best represent their home and produce an expeditious sale at the highest possible price.

Once the pricing is in place, we roll up our sleeves and move forward to the next step in our home-selling process: STAGING.

If you are looking for more than ordinary, you need the extraordinary services provided by Beth Ferester & Company.

Call us today and let us show you why we are the choice for the most discriminating clientele.

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